Something went wrong? We are here to help!

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY before contacting us for support. Failing to follow these steps may result in us not being able to resolve your issue.

iPIM™ is a complex application with a very complex data structure. As with any other application, you may - on reare occasions - encounter an issue using it.

We perform extensive tests on the application and provide a quick maintenance release for each major bug that we discover. If you still have a problem, it is most likely related to a specific issue on your device. We can only try to resolve such issues if we receive all necessary infrmation, so please take the time to do the following - do this from your personal computer (PC or Mac) and NOT from your mobile device (step 2 cannot be done on your mobile):

Step 1 - Screenshots

Please take a screenshot (or screenshots) demonstrating the issue and upload it using the form below.

A screenshot is taken by pressing the Home (front) and Power (top) buttons on your device simultaneously. It is saved in your Camera Roll.

If you need several screenshots, please add them to a .ZIP file and upload this file to us.

You can create a .ZIP file using one of the many utilities available, or you can do it directly on your computer:

  • In Microsoft Windows - select the files, right-click, select "Send to" and select "Compressed (zipped) folder".
  • In Mac OS-X - select the files, right-click and select "Compress Items".

If you skip this step, we may not have enough information to help you.

Step 2 - Files

  • Download and install the free version of iExplorer from here.
  • Connect your device to your computer.
  • Run iExplorer, open your device's Apps folder from the list on the left (make sure that you select your device and not your iTunes backup!) and navigate to iPIM.
  • Open the iPIM folder. Inside you'll see another folder called Documents.

  • Select the Documents folder, right click and select "Export this folder" to transfer its content to your computer.
  • Add the transferred file to a .ZIP file and upload the file to us using the form below.

DO NOT WORRY about the privacy or security of your data. The data in iPIM™ is encrypted and can only be viewed on your device. If you upload the file to us, we'll be able to see the STRUCTURE of your data but not its CONTENT (it will be displayed as gibberish). The structure of your data is all we need to detect and fix bugs.

Please note: Photos, videos, souond recordings and scribbles are not encrypted. If you worry about them, simply exclude them from the .ZIP file.

If you skip this step, we may not have enough information to help you.

Step 3 - Contact Form

When you describe the issue, please be as detailed and as specific as possible. "The App doesn't work" doesn't give us much to work on.

If you prefer, you can drop us an email instead with ALL information at support@iPIM.biz.

If any of your .ZIP files is larger than 4MB, you cannot use this form - you MUST send us an email.