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    iPIMTM. All Your Data.
    Everywhere. Always.

    The ONLY Organizer, Personal Information Manager
    and iOS Database You'll Ever Need!
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    Welcome To
    The Best All-in-One
    iOS Personal / Business Organizer
    and Powerful Mobile Database.
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    Emergency Data
    Memos & Reminders
    Secret Stuff
    Shopping Lists
    + Your Own Custom Templates

iPIM™ Organizer & Database for iOS

The ONLY Organizer, Personal Information Manager and Database You'll Ever Need!

  • Use secure built-in templates
  • Create your own templates
  • Organize your data in folders
  • Encrypt and protect your data
  • Share your data with others
  • Synchronize your data via iCloud


"This app has become indispensable, and I use it a dozen or more times daily. If suddenly deprived of this app I would seriously have a tough time performing many tasks" - Caribbean Jim, iTunes feedback

iPIM™ Features

See What iPIM™ Can Do For You:

Use secure built-in templates

to store emergency data, memos and reminders, photos, videos, sound recordings, scribbles, checklist, to-do lists, passwords, credit card and bank account information, shopping lists, inventory lists, expenses and more.

Create your own custom templates

to match your personal or business needs and store them in iPIM™'s database, using 20+ rich data types.

Organize your data

in built-in or custom folders and subfolders for easy access.

Synchronize your data via iCloud

to all your iOS devices.

Access your data quickly

using iPIM™'s unique time-saving user interface.

Set up time and location reminders

for any data item, including repeated reminders.

Search your data quickly

using simple or complex search terms, and save your searches for later use.

Print your data

on any supported printer.

Share your data

via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Protect your data

using iPIM™'s built-in military-grade encryption and application or folder passwords.

Use a single universal application

for all your iPhone®s, iPad®s and iPod touch®es.

Never buy another information manager

iPIM™ caters for all your personal or business data needs in a single, powerful solution.

Photos, videos, scribbles, iCloud synchronization, location-based reminders and printing are available in the Premium version and on supported devices.

Feature Comparison


  • Number of notes
  • Text notes
  • Checklists
  • Tables
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Scribbles
  • Time reminders
  • Location reminders
  • Post to Facebook
  • Post to Twitter
  • Print
  • iCloud Sync
  • Ad free


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Caribbean Jim, United States

This app has become indispensable, and I use it a dozen or more times daily. If suddenly deprived of this app I would seriously have a tough time performing many tasks involving money, job security and other areas.

Dbaseiii, United States

I've bought a large amount of productivity / todo / task managers looking but this one is a standout for me... custom form generation for the task let's me tailor the input (I found that impressive). Great App.

BrianNCA, Malaysia

Very useful for keeping notes in various forms. Nice user interface. Excellent technical support. Had previous sync problem but now fully resolved and sync between devices smoothly.

Easey83, Australia

This is a great organizer app. You can make your own files, and has lots of options for file operations, only thing it lacks is a calendar. But I'll get over it, cos its so useful. !! Thumps up.